Woman Rants After Man Watches Her Pay for Her Meal and Then Asks for Her Number

A woman shared her frustration on Twitter about an encounter with a man who watched her pay for her meal and then asked for her phone number. The incident was narrated by @shirlen_ray, who expressed her disbelief and disappointment at the man’s behavior.


@shirlen_ray recounted that she had gone to an eatery to buy some food. While there, she noticed a man observing her as she paid for her meal with her own money. She didn’t think much of it at the time, but the situation took an unexpected turn when she left the establishment. As she stepped outside, the same man who had been watching her approached and asked for her phone number.

This approach left her feeling exasperated. She was baffled that the man had the audacity to ask for her number after not offering to pay for her food. In her tweet, she questioned the upbringing of young men today, suggesting that such behavior was indicative of a larger problem.

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“I went to an eatery to get food and this guy stood there while I paid for everything only for him to follow me outside and ask for my number. Who raised these guys?🤦🏽‍♀️ You couldn’t pay for my food but you had the effrontery to ask for my number??” she wrote, capturing her mix of frustration and disbelief.


Her tweet quickly gained traction, resonating with many who shared similar experiences or found her reaction justified. The incident sparked a discussion on social media about expectations, chivalry, and the social norms surrounding dating and interactions between men and women.


Many users supported @shirlen_ray, agreeing that the man’s actions were inappropriate and that he should have at least offered to pay for her meal if he was interested in her. Others debated the broader implications of the incident, discussing whether it was reasonable to expect men to pay for women’s meals in such situations.

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The story highlighted a common but often unspoken social expectation: that a man interested in a woman should demonstrate his interest through gestures like paying for her meal. While opinions on this expectation varied, @shirlen_ray’s experience clearly struck a chord with many, prompting conversations about manners, respect, and the dynamics of modern dating.


Overall, the incident @shirlen_ray shared was not just about a meal, but about what it represents in terms of social etiquette and respect. Her tweet served as a catalyst for a broader discussion on how men and women interact and the evolving expectations in these interactions.


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