Where Was The Movie Mall Cop Filmed?

The movie “Mall Cop” was filmed in a variety of locations, each providing a unique backdrop to the story. From bustling shopping centers to quiet suburban neighborhoods, the film captures the essence of everyday life and the unpredictable situations that can occur in a mall setting.

One of the most significant aspects of “Mall Cop” is the use of real-life mall locations. The filmmakers sought to create an authentic and immersive experience for the audience, choosing well-known malls that resonate with viewers. This not only adds credibility to the story but also allows viewers to connect with the familiar settings, making the movie even more relatable.

Where Was the Movie Mall Cop Filmed?

Unveiling the Filming Locations of “Mall Cop”

The 2009 comedy film “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” directed by Steve Carr, is a beloved movie that follows the story of a security guard named Paul Blart (played by Kevin James) as he faces a group of criminals attempting to rob the mall where he works. The film is set in a fictional mall called West Orange Pavilion Mall. While the movie is set in a fictional location, it was actually filmed in various real-life locations. Let’s explore the filming locations of “Mall Cop” and discover where the talented cast and crew brought the story to life.

In order to accurately portray the setting of the film, the production team scouted different locations to find the perfect mall that would serve as the backdrop for the story. Ultimately, they chose to film at the Burlington Mall, located in Burlington, Massachusetts. This mall provided the ideal setting with its spacious interiors and diverse array of stores, making it the perfect location to represent the West Orange Pavilion Mall in the movie.

The Burlington Mall is a popular shopping destination in the area, known for its wide selection of retailers and convenient location. By choosing this real-life mall as the filming location, the filmmakers were able to capture the authentic look and feel of a bustling shopping center. This decision not only enhanced the overall production value of the film but also provided a relatable experience for viewers who have visited or are familiar with the Burlington Mall.

Bringing West Orange Pavilion Mall to Life

The filmmakers faced the challenge of transforming the Burlington Mall into the fictional West Orange Pavilion Mall. This involved creating signage, storefronts, and other details that would match the vision of the story. Various departments within the production team, such as the art department and set decorators, worked tirelessly to bring the fictional mall to life within the real-life location.

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The team strategically placed fake storefronts, kiosks, and other elements to create the illusion of the West Orange Pavilion Mall. These additions blended seamlessly with the existing stores in the Burlington Mall, providing a believable and immersive experience for both the cast and the audience. Through their creative ingenuity, the filmmakers were able to transform the Burlington Mall into the world of “Mall Cop.”

Additionally, the production team also made use of various props, such as the iconic Segway that Paul Blart rides throughout the film. This specific mode of transportation became synonymous with the character and was essential in capturing the comedic essence of the movie. The filmmakers strategically incorporated the Segway into different scenes, further enhancing the authenticity and overall entertainment value of the film.

The Burlington Mall: A Star-Studded Location

The choice to film “Mall Cop” at the Burlington Mall not only provided the perfect backdrop for the story but also attracted attention from both locals and fans of the movie. The presence of the cast and crew during the production created excitement and buzz within the community, as people gathered to catch a glimpse of the filming process and the talented actors involved.

Being the filming location of a widely recognized movie like “Mall Cop” brought positive exposure to the Burlington Mall. It showcased the mall’s versatile and visually appealing spaces, serving as a testament to the quality shopping experience it offers. Visitors who have seen the film may recognize familiar spots within the mall, creating a sense of connection and nostalgia.

Moreover, the success and popularity of “Mall Cop” further solidified the Burlington Mall as a notable destination in the area. Its role in the film demonstrated the mall’s significance within the local community and its wider recognition outside the region. This positive association brought increased foot traffic and interest to the mall, benefiting both the retailers and the overall economy of the area.

Exploring Other Filming Locations

While the Burlington Mall served as the primary filming location for “Mall Cop,” the production team also utilized other spots to capture specific scenes and add depth to the story. Here are a few notable filming locations associated with the movie:

1. Woburn District Court

The Woburn District Court, located in Woburn, Massachusetts, was used to film several courtroom scenes in “Mall Cop.” This location provided a realistic setting for the legal proceedings that occur in the movie. The court’s architecture and design offered a visually appealing backdrop, adding authenticity to the scenes.

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The presence of the Woburn District Court in “Mall Cop” added variety to the film’s locations and showcased the talent of the local architectural gems within the area. It also allowed the filmmakers to create a stark contrast between the bustling mall and the formal courtroom, further enriching the overall narrative.

2. South Bay Center

The South Bay Center, located in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was another location used during the filming of “Mall Cop.” This shopping center provided the backdrop for certain outdoor scenes, allowing the filmmakers to capture the interactions between the characters in a different setting.

By incorporating the South Bay Center into the movie, the filmmakers showcased yet another bustling retail destination in the region. This added variety to the film’s visuals and highlighted the multitude of shopping centers within the vicinity.

An Unforgettable Filming Experience

The choice to film “Mall Cop” at the Burlington Mall, along with other locations, brought the story to life and provided an unforgettable experience for both the cast and crew. The creative efforts in transforming real-life spaces into the fictional world of the West Orange Pavilion Mall were commendable, resulting in a visually appealing and entertaining film.

Today, when watching the movie, viewers can appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that went into selecting and transforming these locations. The Burlington Mall continues to be a shopping destination enjoyed by many, with its role in “Mall Cop” serving as a fond reminder of the film’s impact.

Plan Your Visit

If “Mall Cop” has sparked your interest in visiting the filming locations, consider planning a trip to the Burlington Mall and other spots associated with the movie. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the real-life settings and experience the ambiance captured on screen.

Remember, while the West Orange Pavilion Mall may not exist in reality, the locations that brought it to life in “Mall Cop” offer their own unique charm and shopping experiences. So grab your Segway and embark on a cinematic adventure to discover these memorable settings!

Key Takeaways: Where Was the Movie Mall Cop Filmed?

  • The movie “Mall Cop” was primarily filmed in Massachusetts.
  • The primary filming location was at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts.
  • Some scenes were also filmed at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Massachusetts.
  • The movie showcases iconic locations within the malls, including the food courts and stores.
  • Massachusetts provided a great backdrop for the movie, capturing the essence of a bustling shopping mall.

The movie Mall Cop was filmed primarily in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Some scenes were also shot in West Orange, New Jersey.

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