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Tapswap: Businesswoman Shares Why She Won’t Join Nigerians, Names ‘Owner’ of Viral Tapping Game

Participation in the Tapswap crypto project has surged, captivating many, but Nigerian businesswoman Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze remains steadfast in her decision not to join. In a detailed Facebook post, Chioma described the widespread enthusiasm for Tapswap as a ‘Tapping pandemic.’

Chioma recounted her research into Tapswap, revealing that it was developed by a Kenyan man named Kibiru Mutaka. She elaborated on her findings:
“…They say it is a decentralized exchange built on something they call Solana. It is a blockchain – crypto thing. They say they have processed over one billion dollars in transactions, and the company makes money from fees, then shares these fees with its tappers. Nigerians are jumping into the tapping in hundreds. I hear they are making money tapping and tapping their phones all day.”

Despite the apparent profitability that has enticed many Nigerians to engage in the Tapswap craze, Chioma remains skeptical. She noted that even top experts are uncertain about the future of Tapswap. Her cautious stance is guided by a straightforward life principle: “My simple principle in life is to do only what I understand when it relates to business, investment, or even how to spend my daily productive hours.”

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Chioma’s decision to avoid Tapswap is rooted in her belief in thoroughly understanding any business or investment opportunity before committing to it. She prefers to invest her time and resources in ventures she comprehends fully, rather than jumping on the latest trend without sufficient knowledge.

Chioma’s reluctance stands in stark contrast to the enthusiasm of many Nigerians who are reportedly making money by continuously engaging with Tapswap. These users, referred to as ‘tappers,’ earn income by tapping their phones all day, a practice that has become increasingly popular.

While Chioma wishes the best for those who choose to participate in Tapswap, she remains committed to focusing on ventures she fully understands. She concluded her post with well wishes: “I wish you all happy tapping. Let me focus on what I understand.”

Her message underscores the importance of due diligence and personal comfort in business and investment decisions. Chioma’s stance serves as a reminder to consider the underlying principles and long-term sustainability of any financial endeavor, rather than being swayed by short-term gains or popular trends.

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The Tapswap phenomenon, despite its growing popularity, still carries an air of uncertainty for many. Chioma’s caution highlights the need for thorough research and understanding, especially in the volatile world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Her approach is a call to others to remain vigilant and informed, ensuring that their participation in such projects aligns with their knowledge and risk tolerance.

In conclusion, while Tapswap continues to attract a large following in Nigeria, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze’s prudent perspective offers a contrasting view, emphasizing the value of understanding and the importance of aligning business practices with personal principles.

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