Successful Overseas Man Funds Brother’s Home Construction, Resulting in Majestic Palace

A man living abroad with his family entrusted his brother, Ridwan, with the task of building a house for them back home. Upon returning, the man’s wife, Brunell Donald Kyei, was astounded by the remarkable home Ridwan had constructed in their absence.


The interior of the house was nothing short of magnificent, leaving Brunell thoroughly impressed. She expressed her gratitude to her husband’s brother for his exceptional workmanship. In a heartwarming moment captured on video, the landlord was so overwhelmed by the quality of the house that he embraced Ridwan.


According to Brunell, the construction of the house had been ongoing since 2012. The spacious master bedroom boasted amenities such as a TV and a kitchen, along with a screen displaying feeds from the house’s CCTV system.

See video here.

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