Students React with Excitement as Lady Returns to Hostel Bearing Valentine’s Day Gifts

University students at a hostel were buzzing with excitement as a young lady arrived with her Valentine’s Day gifts. As she walked in, carrying a pink teddy bear and other presents, students followed her from the hostel gate, some even pulling out their phones to capture the moment. Despite the attention, the lady remained composed as she made her way past the crowd. At the hostel’s main entrance, a group of female students erupted into screams, seemingly starstruck by her arrival.


@ysabella_iwuala shared the clip on TikTok, playfully teasing the lady by commenting, “Even a rubber teddy bear! These girls are ruthless.” According to reports from, the incident took place at a hostel within Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). While Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated globally, it’s worth noting that seven countries do not observe the holiday.

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