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Saida Boj: Nigerian Lady Dumped by Boyfriend for Defending Controversial ‘N20m’ Influencer

A Nigerian lady known on social media as @somi_blaze__ has found herself single after defending the controversial influencer, Sarah Idaji Ojone, better known as Saida Boj. The breakup followed a heated debate over Saida Boj’s provocative statements about the financial expectations she has from potential suitors.


The controversy began when Saida Boj appeared on the Honest Bunch Podcast, where she made headlines with her bold claims about the monetisation of relationships. During the interview, she stated, “If you can spend up to N20 million in a week, you can go through anywhere in my body. N20 million, N50 million, that’s money. If you can’t spend up to N500k, you don’t deserve my WhatsApp number.” This statement quickly went viral, sparking widespread discussions and debates online.


While many criticized Saida Boj for her materialistic views, @somi_blaze__ publicly supported her. She believed that everyone has the right to set their own standards and expectations in relationships. However, this stance did not sit well with her boyfriend.

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Taking to TikTok, @somi_blaze__ shared screenshots of her WhatsApp conversations with her now ex-boyfriend, revealing the arguments that led to their breakup. The chats show a clear divide in their views on relationships and financial expectations.

In the conversation, her boyfriend expressed his disappointment and disbelief at her support for Saida Boj’s controversial views. He argued that relationships should be built on mutual respect and love, not financial transactions. @somi_blaze__ defended her perspective, stating that everyone is entitled to their own preferences and that Saida Boj’s comments were a reflection of her personal standards, not a universal rule.


As the argument escalated, it became evident that their differing views on the subject were irreconcilable. Her boyfriend eventually decided to end the relationship, citing a fundamental incompatibility in their values.


The breakup and the debate it stemmed from have sparked further discussions online. Many people have weighed in on the topic, with opinions varying widely. Some agree with @somi_blaze__, asserting that individuals have the right to set high standards and prioritize financial stability in their relationships. Others side with her ex-boyfriend, emphasizing that relationships should be based on deeper emotional and personal connections rather than financial capability.

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Saida Boj’s initial comments continue to generate buzz, highlighting broader societal issues regarding the intersection of money, relationships, and personal values. The incident underscores the intense and often polarizing nature of discussions about financial expectations in romantic partnerships.


In summary, @somi_blaze__’s defense of Saida Boj and the ensuing breakup with her boyfriend underscore the deep divisions and strong opinions that discussions about money and relationships can evoke. This incident has become a microcosm of larger societal debates about the role of financial considerations in romantic relationships, revealing the complexities and challenges individuals face when navigating their personal values and expectations.

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