Nigerian Man Who Provided Free Water for Neighbors Shocked as One Locks It with Padlock

A Nigerian man recently shared a surprising incident that occurred after he generously provided a source of free tap water for his neighbors. The man, who goes by @Niran_GMH on X (formerly Twitter), recounted how he installed a tap outside his house so that his neighbors could have easy access to clean water. This kind gesture was intended to help those in his community who might be struggling with water scarcity.


However, the man’s good intentions were met with an unexpected reaction. Upon checking the tap one day, he was shocked to find that it had been locked with a padlock. Bewildered by this development, he soon discovered that one of his neighbors was responsible for the padlock. This neighbor, a woman who had never previously interacted with him or anyone else in the house, had decided to take matters into her own hands.


When the man confronted her to understand why she had locked the tap, she explained that she believed the water supply needed to be regulated. She thought that controlling access to the tap was necessary, though she had not consulted with him or any other neighbors before taking this action. This unilateral decision left the man and others in the community baffled and frustrated.

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In his post on X, @Niran_GMH detailed the encounter: “I created a tap outside the fence for neighbors to fetch water. On the first day, a neighbor bought a padlock to lock the tap. She claimed that she thought it should be regulated. Mind you, she had never spoken to me or anyone in the house before.”


Determined to uphold his original intention of providing free and unrestricted access to water, the man instructed the woman to remove the padlock immediately. His directive was clear and firm, emphasizing that the tap was meant to be available to all neighbors without any barriers. The situation quickly gained attention online, with many netizens expressing their astonishment and opinions in the comment section of his post.


The story, which has since gone viral, elicited a wide range of reactions from social media users. Some expressed outrage at the neighbor’s audacity to lock the tap without permission, while others debated the merits and drawbacks of her reasoning. Many praised the man for his generosity and swift action in ensuring the tap remained accessible to everyone.

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When asked how he handled the situation further, the man simply stated, “Instructed her to remove the padlock.” This decisive move underscored his commitment to his community and his refusal to let one individual’s actions undermine his efforts to provide a valuable resource.


This incident highlights the complexities and sometimes unexpected challenges that can arise when attempting to do good deeds in a community. Despite the setback, @Niran_GMH’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of communication and cooperation among neighbors, as well as the impact of individual actions on communal resources.

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