Nigerian Man, His Wife, and 11 Others Arrested in Vietnam for Alleged Money Laundering

In a significant crackdown on international crime, a 28-year-old Nigerian man, Eneh Davidson Caleb, was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Caleb, along with his 35-year-old Vietnamese wife, Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, and 11 other suspects, were apprehended for allegedly forming over 250 companies to launder money for other foreign-based criminals. This operation involved a complex web of transactions and the use of fraudulent bank accounts, highlighting the sophistication of the crime.


The investigation began this month when police received reports from a company in Ukraine that had been scammed by a criminal group using forged email addresses. The fraudulent group convinced the company to transfer money into specific bank accounts in HCMC under the guise of a legitimate transaction. 


Following the money trail, police discovered that the funds were transferred multiple times before being withdrawn and transported to Cambodia. This complex money flow pointed to a sophisticated laundering operation. Investigators soon found that the criminal network involved foreign elements working in collaboration with Vietnamese accomplices.

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A full-scale investigation was launched, gathering substantial evidence to identify the culprits’ exact identities and locations and dismantle their operations. Through diligent work, the investigators identified 13 suspects connected to the case. It was uncovered that these individuals had established 250 companies, either directly or by hiring intermediaries, specifically for laundering money. Additionally, they opened numerous fraudulent bank accounts to facilitate their illegal activities.

The investigation further revealed the existence of over 100 bank accounts tied to the money laundering scheme. With ample digital evidence, the law enforcement agencies conducted raids across 12 locations to gather physical evidence. At Caleb and his wife’s residence, special forces confiscated 234 company seals, which had been used to create shell companies for laundering purposes.


The operation highlights the collaborative efforts between various law enforcement agencies to tackle international money laundering and fraud. Caleb and his associates’ intricate network demonstrates the lengths to which criminal groups will go to disguise their illicit activities and evade detection. Forming multiple companies and using numerous bank accounts indicate a highly organized and sophisticated approach to money laundering.

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The arrests of Caleb, his wife, and the other suspects mark a significant victory in the fight against transnational financial crimes. This case underscores the benefit of international cooperation in tackling such complex criminal activities. The success of the HCMC police in tracing the money flow, identifying the suspects, and collecting both digital and physical evidence is a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in combating international crime.


As the investigation continues, authorities are expected to uncover more details about the extent of the criminal network and the amount of money laundered. The case is a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges posed by international money laundering and the need for persistent vigilance and cooperation among global law enforcement agencies to combat such threats.

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