Nigerian Man Discovers Benefits of Baby Milk, Decides to Swap It for Regular Milk Permanently

Awuzie Frankline, a Nigerian man, has recently discovered the taste and nutritional benefits of baby milk and has vowed to make it a permanent part of his diet. After trying baby milk with his tea and pap (akamu), Frankline was so impressed by its flavor and nutritional content that he decided to share his experience on social media.

In his post, Frankline highlighted the superior taste and nutritional value of baby milk compared to regular adult milk brands such as Peak Milk. He shared a photo of the baby milk product he tried and commented on its advantages, stating, “Baby’s milk is sweeter and more enriched than adult milks. I don’t know who introduced adult milks like peak milk to us when this NAN 1 is very sweet and nutritious.”

Frankline’s newfound preference for baby milk has led him to declare, “Henceforth, I will be using Baby’s Milk to drink tea and akamu. There is nothing anyone can do to convince me to use adult milk again.” His post has sparked interest and discussions about dietary choices and the differences between baby and adult milk products.

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