Nigerian Girl Sells Aunt’s Shop to Pay Music Promoter, Ends Up Scammed and Hawking Bread

Naomi’s story, a young female hawker from Nigeria, has captured the attention of many online. Her journey, fueled by a passion for music that ultimately led her into a life of hardship, was shared widely after a chance encounter with a content creator on the highway.


Naomi was discovered by @comediangwagon2, a TikTok content creator, who saw her hawking bread on the busy streets. Intrigued by her situation, he approached her to hear her story, which Naomi recounted with a mix of regret and determination.

Living with her aunt, Naomi nurtured a deep love for music and dreamed of sharing her talent with the world. Despite her persistent requests, her aunt showed no interest in supporting her musical aspirations, leaving Naomi frustrated and desperate. Driven by her ambition, Naomi decided to take matters into her own hands. She began secretly selling items from her aunt’s shop, hoping to use the proceeds to pay a music promoter who could help launch her career.


Naomi’s plan was to achieve success quickly, repay her aunt with the earnings from her music, and make her dream come true. However, her hopes were dashed when she discovered that the promoter she had trusted was a fraud. After taking her money, he blocked her on all communication platforms, leaving her with no way to reach him and no recourse.

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With her dreams in tatters and her relationship with her aunt likely irreparably damaged, Naomi found herself back on the streets, this time with no prospects and no support. To survive, she began hawking bread, a tough and demanding way to make a living. The story of her plight was shared by @comediangwagon2 on TikTok, where he posted: “She sold her aunty’s shop because she wants to promote her music and she got scammed. Now she is hawking bread in the street.”


Naomi’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by many young people who strive to break into the music industry, especially those without financial backing or family support. It highlights the vulnerability of aspiring artists who, in their quest for success, can fall prey to unscrupulous individuals looking to exploit their dreams.


Despite the severe setback, Naomi’s resilience shines through. Her willingness to share her story publicly reflects a determination to warn others and perhaps find a way to recover from her ordeal. The viral spread of her story has also brought attention to the broader issues of youth unemployment and exploitation in Nigeria, prompting discussions about the need for better support systems for young talents.

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As Naomi continues to hawk bread on the streets, her story resonates with many who see in her the potential for a better future, if only given the right opportunities and support. Her experience underscores the importance of genuine mentorship and protection for young aspiring artists against fraudulent schemes that prey on their ambitions. Naomi’s journey, while currently marred by hardship, also embodies the hope that with the right intervention, her dreams of a music career might still be within reach.

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