Nedu Wazobia’s Honest Bunch Podcast: Controversial Comments and Public Reactions

Nedu Wazobia, a popular Nigerian broadcaster and podcaster, has sparked significant reactions with his statements on “The Honest Bunch” podcast. Here are some notable instances:


  1. Comments on Side Chicks:

In one controversial episode, Nedu praised side chicks, claiming they provide peace to married men who face nagging wives at home. His exact words were, “God bless every side chick out there because side chicks give peace to men”. This statement ignited a heated debate online, with many condemning his views while some echoed his sentiments. Critics argued that promoting side relationships undermines the institution of marriage and disrespects the primary partners.


  1. Mohbad and DNA Tests:

Nedu also stirred reactions with his comments on the late singer Mohbad. He stated that there was no need for a DNA test to confirm the paternity of Mohbad’s son, Liam, since Mohbad accepted Liam as his son during his lifetime. This remark came amidst public demands for a DNA test following Mohbad’s death. Nedu’s stance was seen as dismissive by some, who argued that in a murder investigation, comprehensive DNA testing might be necessary. Reactions included criticism from those who saw his comments as insensitive to the bereaved family’s needs for clarity and closure.

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  1. Seyi Law’s Controversial Episode:

Another notable episode featured comedian Seyi Law, who made headlines for his aggressive remarks about other celebrities. Seyi Law vowed to physically confront lifestyle influencer Noble Igwe and criticized blogger Tunde Ednut. He also addressed political issues, including his support for a presidential candidate, which further fueled public discussions. The episode led to mixed reactions, with some supporting Seyi Law’s candidness and others criticizing the confrontational tone of his statements.


  1. General Relationship Advice:

Nedu has also been vocal about relationship dynamics, particularly criticizing social media influencers. He suggested that many female influencers might struggle to find long-term partners due to their online presence and content. This viewpoint was contentious, with supporters agreeing that social media can impact personal relationships, while detractors accused Nedu of perpetuating negative stereotypes about women.


Overall, Nedu Wazobia’s podcast, “The Honest Bunch,” is known for its no-holds-barred discussions on contemporary issues, often sparking significant debate and mixed reactions from the public. His candid and sometimes controversial opinions have made the podcast a focal point for discussions on societal norms and personal conduct.

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