Mother’s Alarm: Child Consumes 9 Packs of Juice Unsupervised, Video Goes Viral

A Nigerian mother was deeply shocked to discover her young daughter’s mischievous behavior upon waking up. A video circulating online captured the girl arranging empty packs of Happy Hour juice into a carton after consuming them in secret.

Identified as @tiaraoluwanimi_atm on TikTok, the distressed mother revealed that her child had consumed nine packs of juice while she was asleep.

The mother had initially intended for her daughter to take one juice pack to school each day throughout the week.

However, as a consequence of her daughter’s actions, the mother lamented that she had no choice but to enforce a punishment of only allowing water for school. She expressed her frustration, stating, “Guess who would be taking water alone to school throughout next week? She drank 9 Happy Hour before I woke up!”

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