Married Nigerian Lady Gets Angry As Her Husband Refuses to Buy Food Stuff For Her Mother

A Nigerian woman has expressed her frustration and disappointment over her husband’s refusal to buy foodstuff for her mother, a practice he regularly upholds for his own mother. The story, which was shared on social media by X user, Mayo for X, highlights the tension and expectations within the dynamics of their marriage.


In the message, the lady explained that her husband has always been diligent in providing for his mother. Every month, he takes the time to go to the market and shop for foodstuff, which he then sends to her. This has been a consistent habit, reflecting his sense of duty and care towards his mother.


After observing this routine, the lady felt it was only fair for her mother to receive similar treatment. She approached her husband with the request that he also buy foodstuff for her mother. However, her husband declined, citing a practical question: who was buying food for her mother before they got married? This response did not sit well with the lady, who felt that her husband should consider her family as part of his responsibilities now that they are married.

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The lady’s argument centers on the idea of fairness and equality within their marriage. She suggested that her husband could simply split the foodstuff he buys for his mother into two portions, giving half to her mother. This, she believes, would be a reasonable compromise, ensuring that both mothers are taken care of.


The husband’s refusal has left her feeling angry and disheartened. She sees his actions as a sign of unequal treatment and a lack of consideration for her family’s needs. The situation has sparked a debate on social media, with many people weighing in on the responsibilities and expectations of spouses towards their in-laws.


Supporters of the lady argue that marriage is a partnership where both families should be treated with equal respect and care. They believe that her husband’s actions are unfair and show a lack of empathy. On the other hand, some argue that the husband’s point about who was taking care of her mother before their marriage is valid, suggesting that it might not be his responsibility to extend his support to his in-laws in the same way he does for his own mother.

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This incident highlights the complexities and challenges that can arise in marriage, especially when it comes to balancing responsibilities and expectations towards extended family members. It raises important questions about the roles and duties of spouses and the importance of fairness and equality in nurturing a healthy and supportive marital relationship.


In conclusion, the Nigerian lady’s story sheds light on a common issue in marriages where one partner feels their family is being neglected or treated unfairly. It emphasizes the need for open communication, mutual understanding, and compromise in resolving such conflicts. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how the couple will navigate this disagreement and what solutions they might find to ensure harmony and satisfaction for both sides.

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