Man Who Visited Girlfriend Hears Her Father’s Voice While Sleeping With Her, His Reaction Trends

A Nigerian man, Mrbiggyjoe, recently shared a nerve-wracking experience on the X app that has since gone viral, eliciting laughter and numerous comments from netizens. The incident occurred when he visited his girlfriend’s house under the impression that they were alone, only to find out that her father was also home, creating a tense and humorous situation.


Mrbiggyjoe recounted that his girlfriend had invited him over, assuring him that they would have the house to themselves. Taking her word for it, he went over, and they soon found themselves intimately involved on her bed. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when he suddenly heard her father’s voice calling out for his daughter, asking her to fetch his phone from the sitting room.


The unexpected voice left Mrbiggyjoe in a state of shock and fear. His girlfriend quickly left the room to attend to her father’s request, leaving Mrbiggyjoe in a highly uncomfortable and anxious state. She soon returned, suggesting they continue from where they left off, but the experience had already unnerved him. He humorously described his reaction, saying, “Continue what? It felt like someone had replaced my brain with citric acid.”

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He narrated the incident further, explaining that his girlfriend’s father had just returned from a night shift and was asleep in the house. Despite her reassurances, the encounter with her father’s voice had shaken Mrbiggyjoe to his core. He found himself unable to relax or continue their activities. Instead, he decided to wait until her father had gone back to sleep before making his escape from the house.


Mrbiggyjoe’s recounting of the incident didn’t stop there. He humorously added that the shock of the situation had a lingering effect on him, noting that “Na so my uncle Thomas fall oo the werey no gree rise again for the next one week,” indicating that he was unable to perform sexually for a week following the incident due to the stress and anxiety it had caused him.


This relatable yet comical tale resonated with many on social media, quickly amassing a significant number of comments and shares. People were amused by his candid and humorous way of telling the story, with many users sharing their own similar experiences or simply expressing their amusement at his predicament.

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The viral post serves as a lighthearted reminder of the unexpected and often humorous complications that can arise in romantic relationships, particularly when parents are involved. Mrbiggyjoe’s story highlights the importance of communication and awareness in such situations, ensuring that both parties are fully aware of the circumstances to avoid awkward and anxiety-inducing encounters.


In the end, the experience, while terrifying at the moment, has provided a humorous anecdote for Mrbiggyjoe and a relatable story for many others. The reactions from netizens underscore the shared human experience of navigating relationships and the sometimes unexpected hurdles that come with them.

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