Man Cancels Beach Date After Woman Brings Friends Along, Sparks Online Debate

A beach date planned by a Nigerian man took an unexpected turn when his crush decided to bring two friends along. The man, who had intended the outing to be a private affair, expressed his disappointment in a conversation that was later shared by @freshonly_ on X.

The man had meticulously arranged a beach outing for just the two of them, covering all expenses himself. However, his plans were upended when she informed him that she would not be coming alone but would instead bring two friends. “I organized everything for both of us. Me and you. I paid for everything. I only allowed your friends because it’s what you wanted. And now this is what I get? Just please tell me you’re joking. This is a prank,” he wrote, conveying his frustration.

In response to her decision, the man secretly canceled the reservation but failed to inform her until she arrived at the location with her friends. Upon their arrival, they discovered there was no reservation. When she contacted him, he admitted to canceling it, adding, “Ohh I forgot to tell you. I canceled the reservation. You’ve always said you wanted to make stupid decisions. You can start by sleeping on the floor.”

The incident has stirred varied reactions from people online, with many discussing the dynamics of dating etiquette and the expectations set for personal versus group outings.

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