Longing for Home: UK-Based Woman Purchases Cassava and Prepares Garri on a Gas Stove

A Nigerian woman residing in the UK gained attention on TikTok for her unique approach to making her own garri. Benny Omoedo, embracing tradition over convenience, chose to create her own yellow garri rather than purchasing it pre-made. She started by buying cassava from an African grocery store, which she then peeled and transformed into a paste using her electric blender. To remove excess water, Benny placed her wooden mortar on the cassava paste in a sack. The following day, she sieved the paste, mixed in palm oil, and fried it in a pan on her gas cooker. Her husband was delighted to see her efforts in the kitchen. Benny mentioned that while garri is readily available and affordable in the UK, she finds joy in preparing it herself as a way to connect with her Nigerian roots.

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