Lady in UK Imports Palm Oil, Meat, Other Food Items from Nigeria, Regrets After Spending Over N1m

A Nigerian lady who has been living in the UK for over a year shared her regrettable experience of importing foodstuffs from Nigeria. The lady, known on social media as @sammmy__xx, documented her ordeal in a video, revealing that she spent over N1 million on the entire process.


In the video, @sammmy__xx showcased a variety of items she had imported, including palm oil, yam flour, dried goat meat, and cereals. Despite her excitement about receiving familiar Nigerian foods, she ultimately regretted the decision due to the high costs involved.


According to her, the total expenditure for the foodstuffs was N321,000. However, the majority of her expenses were consumed by the logistics of doorstep delivery. She warned others against going through a similar experience, emphasizing the significant financial burden it imposed on her.


“Importing these items from Nigeria seemed like a great idea initially, but the reality was far from what I expected,” she explained. “I spent N321,000 on the foodstuffs themselves, but the delivery costs pushed the total to over N1 million.”

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Her video quickly garnered attention from other UK-based Nigerians, who expressed their views on the situation. Many commented that given the exorbitant amount she spent, it would have been more economical to purchase similar provisions locally in the UK.


Several commenters noted that while importing specific Nigerian foods can offer a sense of comfort and nostalgia, the financial implications often outweigh the benefits. One user remarked, “For that amount, you could have bought these items several times over here in the UK without the hassle and extra costs of importation.”


Another commenter added, “It’s understandable to crave home foods, but sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble and expense. There are plenty of African stores in the UK that sell these items.”


The feedback highlighted the availability of similar products in local African stores in the UK, which can save time and money. The commenters pointed out that while it might be tempting to import directly from Nigeria for authenticity, the logistical costs can be prohibitively high.

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@Sammmy__xx’s experience serves as a cautionary tale for others considering importing foodstuffs from Nigeria to the UK. She emphasized the importance of carefully weighing the costs and benefits before making such a decision.


“I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through what I did,” she concluded. “The delivery costs alone were enough to make me rethink the entire process. It’s better to explore local options and avoid the financial strain.”


Her story underscores the challenges and unexpected expenses that can arise when importing goods internationally. It also highlights the need for thorough research and consideration of all costs involved, from the initial purchase to final delivery.


In summary, @sammmy__xx’s experience of importing Nigerian foodstuffs to the UK, resulting in over N1 million in expenses, serves as a valuable lesson for others. While the desire for familiar foods is understandable, the high costs and logistical challenges make local alternatives a more practical and economical choice.

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