Lady in Pain After Discovering Boyfriend with N82 Million in Account Only Gives Her N100k Monthly

A Nigerian lady recently took to social media to express her distress after discovering that her boyfriend, who regularly gives her between N50,000 to N100,000 monthly, has a substantial bank balance of N82 million. Her newfound awareness has sparked a desire for an increase in her monthly allowance.


In her heartfelt post, she explained the situation:


“Good evening. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend. He’s very caring and attentive. Whenever I ask for something, he never ignores my requests. He gives me between N50,000 to N100,000 every month and often buys me gifts.


“However, I recently stumbled upon a surprising discovery. While going through his phone, I saw a debit alert and decided to check his bank balance. To my astonishment, this man has N82 million in his account. All this time, I didn’t know he was this wealthy.


“Given this revelation, I feel that the amount he gives me monthly is just peanuts compared to his wealth. I now want to ask for a significant increase in my monthly allowance. But I’m unsure how to approach the topic with him and how much I should reasonably ask for each month.”

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The lady’s dilemma raises several questions about relationships, finances, and expectations. On one hand, she appreciates her boyfriend’s generosity and attentiveness, yet on the other, she feels a disparity between his wealth and the allowance she receives.


Approaching such a sensitive topic requires careful consideration. Here are a few suggestions on how she might handle the conversation:


  1. Communicate Openly: Honesty is crucial in any relationship. She should express her feelings and concerns openly, explaining how she stumbled upon his bank balance and how it made her feel. It’s important to frame the conversation in a way that doesn’t come across as accusatory but rather as an open dialogue about their financial dynamics.


  1. Express Appreciation: Acknowledging his generosity so far is essential. She should make it clear that she values what he has been giving her and the gifts he provides. This shows that she isn’t taking his support for granted.
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  1. Discuss Needs and Goals: She could discuss her financial needs and future goals, explaining why an increased allowance would be beneficial. This approach can help him understand her perspective and the practical reasons behind her request.


  1. Negotiate Reasonably: It’s important to have a specific figure in mind but also to be open to negotiation. She should consider what amount would make her feel valued and supported, keeping in mind the balance between his wealth and her needs.


  1. Consider the Relationship Dynamics: Understanding the dynamics of their relationship is crucial. If the relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding, discussing finances should be a part of their ongoing communication.


Ultimately, the lady needs to approach the conversation with sensitivity and respect, ensuring that it strengthens their relationship rather than causing friction. Asking for an increase in allowance is not just about the money but about ensuring both partners feel valued and understood in the relationship.

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