JAMB: Girl Who Scored 331 and Was About to Quit School Weeps in Class as She Bags Full Scholarship

Angel Alale, a Nigerian girl, achieved a remarkable score of 331 in the 2024 UTME and has been awarded a full scholarship. This heartwarming development was shared by Educare CEO Alex Onyia on X, accompanied by a video of Angel shedding tears of joy in her classroom.


Angel’s journey has been fraught with challenges. Following the death of her father, she was on the verge of discontinuing her education after completing her WAEC exams. The financial burden left her with little hope of pursuing further studies. However, her outstanding performance in the UTME changed the trajectory of her life. Her score was the highest in her school and one of the top scores in the country, as confirmed by JAMB’s results breakdown.


In the emotional video shared by Alex Onyia, Angel is seen weeping uncontrollably upon receiving the news of her scholarship. This touching moment highlighted the significance of the opportunity she had been granted. Alex Onyia expressed his deep emotional response to Angel’s reaction and his immense pride in being able to support her educational journey.

“Angel Alale has just been informed of her full scholarship. She has been crying uncontrollably,” Alex said. “She lost her dad and was planning on stopping school after her WAEC exams. She scored 331 in JAMB, which makes her the best in her school. This has touched my heart differently, and I will be forever happy and privileged to support her education journey. She is a star!”

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The scholarship not only recognizes Angel’s academic excellence but also provides a lifeline, allowing her to continue her education without the financial constraints that had previously seemed insurmountable. This gesture of support underscores the impact of philanthropy in transforming lives and offering hope to those in dire circumstances.


Angel’s story has resonated with many, serving as an inspiration and a testament to the power of perseverance and the profound difference that supportive interventions can make in the lives of young individuals. Her experience highlights the critical need for educational support systems, especially for students facing significant hardships.


In a country where access to quality education remains a challenge for many, Angel’s achievement and the subsequent support she received represent a beacon of hope. It underscores the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent, regardless of socio-economic barriers.


The full scholarship will cover Angel’s tuition and other educational expenses, ensuring that she can pursue her academic goals without the looming threat of financial obstacles. This opportunity opens doors to a brighter future, where her potential can be fully realized.

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Angel Alale’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of education. Her tears of joy captured in the video shared by Alex Onyia are not just a reflection of her personal triumph but also a symbol of hope for countless other students in similar situations.


This heartwarming event has not only changed the course of Angel’s life but also serves as a call to action for others to support and uplift those in need. The impact of such acts of kindness extends far beyond the individual, fostering a culture of generosity and compassion in the community.


Angel’s journey from the brink of quitting school to becoming a scholarship recipient is a story of hope, perseverance, and the profound impact of educational support. Her story will undoubtedly inspire many others to strive for excellence, regardless of the challenges they face.

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