“He even Adds a Fulani Twist” – Heartwarming Moment as Nigerian-Indian Newlyweds Capture Internet with Epic Dance-off

A young Nigerian man sparked a social media frenzy with a video showcasing his hilarious dance moves at a wedding alongside his stunning Indian wife, who dazzled with her traditional Indian dance steps.


The video, captioned “No gree for anybody,” captured the Indian wife gracefully executing various Indian dance moves to the tune of an Indian song. Meanwhile, her Nigerian husband, recently married, eagerly attempted to keep up with her energy.


In the footage, the husband could be seen energetically matching his wife’s dance steps, jumping around and displaying his own unique moves in a bid to keep pace with her.


The heartwarming display quickly attracted a flood of comments as netizens shared their reactions to the husband’s spirited efforts to dance alongside his Indian wife.

See video here.

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