“Don’t Say Thank You”: Lady Tells Women to Only Appreciate Men Who Give Them N6 Million and Above

A Nigerian woman has sparked a heated debate on Instagram by advising other women to set a high standard for accepting financial gifts from men. In a video that has gone viral, the woman, known as Ora_cle, stated that women should not express gratitude for monetary gifts unless they are valued at N6 million or more.

Ora_cle’s controversial statement suggested that any financial gift below N6 million, such as N300,000, should not be appreciated because it is considered a small amount. She argued that N300,000 is insufficient for even basic purchases like a high-quality wig. Her message was clear: women should reject small monetary gifts and only accept significant sums.

The video was accompanied by a caption reinforcing her stance: “Stop telling a man thank you when he gives you less than N6m.” This bold claim quickly drew attention and criticism from her followers, sparking a flurry of comments on her post. Many users expressed their disagreement with Ora_cle’s perspective, arguing that it promotes materialism and sets unrealistic expectations.

In the comment section, some followers urged others to report Ora_cle’s account, hoping to get it banned due to the controversial nature of her advice. Critics argued that her statement was not only unreasonable but also disrespectful to those who may not have the means to give such large amounts of money.

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Despite the backlash, Ora_cle’s video has ignited a broader conversation about the expectations placed on men to provide financially in relationships. It also highlights the differing views on the value of money and gifts in romantic contexts. While some might see her advice as a way to encourage women to value themselves highly and not settle for less, others view it as a shallow and materialistic approach to relationships.

The controversy surrounding Ora_cle’s video serves as a reminder of the diverse opinions on financial gifts and gratitude in relationships. It raises important questions about how society views the role of money in showing appreciation and the expectations placed on individuals in romantic partnerships.

In conclusion, Ora_cle’s provocative statement advising women to only appreciate men who give them N6 million or more has sparked significant controversy on Instagram. Her message, which suggests rejecting smaller monetary gifts, has been met with criticism from many followers who view it as promoting materialism and setting unrealistic expectations. The debate continues, highlighting the complex and often contentious views on financial gifts and gratitude in relationships.

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