Couple Diverts Wedding Funds to Purchase House, Turns Profit of N97.6 Million, Emerges Millionaires

A woman, @the_chaunceyshow, shares her journey to becoming a millionaire through a pivotal decision. Upon her husband’s proposal, she opted out of a traditional wedding ceremony, citing financial considerations.

With $12,000 (N15,624,000) in savings and no wealthy family backing, they chose to invest in a $256,000 (N333,312,000) house via a mortgage.

Selling it later for $325,000 (N423,150,000), they reinvested in more properties, gradually accumulating capital. Ultimately, they transitioned into real estate full-time, leveraging their expertise to grow their initial $75,000 (N97,650,000) investment into a million-dollar portfolio.

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Written by Realinfoteam


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