Aremu Afolayan Keeps His Promise: Gives N500k and Rents House for Actress Ajirotutu, Earning Blessings

Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan has stepped in to assist Oluwaranti Radeke Adebayo, known as Mama Ajirotutu, after she made a plea for help online. Mama Ajirotutu had expressed her struggles with not having a suitable living space and her desire to produce a movie but lacked the means to do so.

Following the viral video of her plea, Aremu Afolayan sent her N500k and pledged further assistance. Keeping his word, Aremu, known for a controversial incident involving his family in 2023, arranged for a rented apartment for her.

In a video shared online, the grateful actress could be seen inspecting the newly prepared residence, visibly thrilled with the outcome. She warmly embraced Aremu in the video, expressing her gratitude, while he recounted his own journey from humble beginnings to success.

See apartment clip here.

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