American Couple Resigns from Jobs to Pursue Farming in Africa

James and his wife Beth Kahiga traded their stable jobs at Oppenheimer & Company in the United States for a simpler life running a Dorper sheep farm in Kenya. Despite their backgrounds in finance and data analytics, they chose to focus on sustainable farming and community engagement upon returning to Kenya.


The couple, now founders of Carpri Dorper Farm Limited in Kasuku, Nyandarua County, began their farming journey in 2019 with limited experience but learned the ropes over time through hands-on experience and interactions with seasoned farmers. Importing Dorper sheep from South African farmers Mickey Philips and Albie Horn, James prioritized quality to ensure success in Dorper sheep farming, a venture known for its challenges like inbreeding.


To address this issue, James adopts a breeding strategy that combines top-grade animals with local breeds. He emphasizes the importance of proper management practices, including deworming, vaccinations, and meticulous record-keeping, which he learned from his South African counterparts.

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With over 150 Dorper sheep, James ensures their well-being by providing a balanced diet of silage and supplements like sunflower seeds. His farm’s design follows specific measurements to minimize disease spread and stress, a concept he gleaned from studying ruminant courses at Oklahoma University and Michigan University.


To reduce operational costs, the couple relies on solar power for electricity and rotates sheep grazing across five paddocks. James also imports Dorper rams from South Africa for breeding purposes, ensuring the production of high-quality offspring. Before selling any animal, the couple insists on personally acquainting potential buyers with their farming practices to ensure mutual success and satisfaction.


Through their dedication to sustainable farming practices and community engagement, James and Beth Kahiga exemplify a commitment to passion over profit in their transition from Wall Street to Kenyan agriculture.

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